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Zooomr is wonky with IE

Posted by briandh on August 16, 2006

What a real shame, I’m utterly heartbroken, try to use Zooomr in IE and it goes a bit strange.

Sometimes the front page google map is shoved underneath the main display. Practically always the list of Smartsets that is normally down the right hand side of the first page of photos is shown way way down under them.

Of course if you’ve been using IE exclusively to view Zooomr you probably think this is normal and that Zooomr is pants. Sorry, no, it’s your Web Browser – it works fine in Firefox.

Moral of the story – use a proper browser.

OK, having trashed IE I should point out, in all fairness, that IE seems to handle the uploads a little more reliably. I have had a couple of occasions where the upload has failed in Firefox but it has, so far, always worked in IE. This could of course just be timing, I may simply have been lucky with IE and unlucky with Firefox.

I’ll let you know.

One Response to “Zooomr is wonky with IE”

  1. […] So on Sunday, after I’ve solved her list of problems and answered her list of questions, I said “OK, let’s have a look at Zooomr”. First problem – she’s using IE – see Zooomr is wonky with IE […]

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