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Smelly photos

Posted by briandh on August 21, 2006

I’ve not being doing this Zooomr thing long but, come on, some of these pictures must be worth looking at.

02-08-31_18-32-58 02-08-31_14-57-43 02-08-31_16-05-48 02-08-31_18-57-47

02-09-02_09-38-51 02-09-02_10-04-13 02-09-02_16-35-33 02-09-02_12-10-57

02-09-02_11-49-27 02-09-02_12-14-12 02-09-02_11-52-20 02-09-02_12-56-20

The above are all from my recent Oban, Iona and Arduaine set put up on 19th Aug 2006 from a family trip to the west of Scotland in 2002.

I have picked on these as they have no views and are feeling a bit left out – despite being fairly nice shots – in my humble opinion. In some cases the thumbnail does not do them justice, you have to see them larger (just click on them – go on, you know you want to).

4 Responses to “Smelly photos”

  1. JV said

    If the subject of photo is small , then thumbnail will certainly not do justice.

    Try to add border to the thumbnails it will improve the visiblity and make the photos more intersting.

  2. briandh said

    JV, thanks – the WordPress Theme I was using discarded the borders. This new one seems to keep them but is a bit busy looking to me. However, you are right, the border give them a bit more definition.

  3. JV said

    Hi, I also posted few thumbnails exprimenting with borders. I have used thicker border, as we get in photo print outs.

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