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I am knackered

Posted by briandh on August 26, 2006

Hell Hole

I’m just in from the garden, if you can call it that.

I like gardening, I just don’t get the time – which means that every time I do get out there it is like one of those jungle trek adventure films. I keep expecting to find dinosaurs in some forgotten corner.

This mornings pleasure was a little corner at the side of my front garden. In this place the builders / utility companies placed a couple of man hole covers. As householder I must keep these clear and accessible.

Why then did some numpty who had the house before me plant some killer, man eating, tangle-weed, climbing, spiky, razor-wire, grows at a foot a day bushes all around it. Why?

Then, just to rub it in, they thought that those nasty looking man hole covers were not very decorative so covered them in earth and pink chippings.

I’m sitting here trying to calm down and waiting for the sweat to stop dripping. It has taken me two sessions to get it even remotely clear.

I think it is time to have words with my nice neighbours and see if we can agree to have someone remove the whole mess and replace it with a nice wooden fence.


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