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Archive for the ‘2006’ Category

Menorcan Memories

Posted by briandh on October 15, 2006

Menorcan Memories

We are just back from a two-week holiday in Cala Galdana, Menorca. At this point it is normal to say things like – ‘you really need to go to Menorca and see X, Y and Z’. Unfortunately, for you, we rarely got ourselves out of the hotel on this trip. This is not usual for us. We normally do all the tourist things, see all the sites, visit all the famous places – especially when it is somewhere we have never been before. So why the change? Two main reasons:

  • we were both knackered and highly stressed out, and
  • the hotel facilities were excellent.

Trundling round all the sites was just not what we wanted this time.

However, I can pass on some useful info and pictures.

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jUploadr prompts a rethink

Posted by briandh on September 10, 2006

Oh yes! I know I'm cute.

Now that Zooom has a bulk uploader, in the shape of jUploader, I need to rethink how I upload my images. With a bulk uploader the temptation is to upload far more photos – but it is not that much quicker.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, it is a lot more convenient and it does save a fair bit of my time in the actual selection and upload process. However, the physical upload process takes exactly the same amount of time – you just don’t need to nursemaid it so much.

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Getting all cultural

Posted by briandh on August 26, 2006

I live in Edinburgh, Scotland so have the benefit of the annual festival season around this time of year: The Official Festival, The Jazz Festival, The Festival Fringe, The Film Festival, The Military Tattoo and The Festival of Annoying People Stuck on Spikes, etc.

This year [pompous voice]my wife and I[/pompous voice] decided to break with our personal tradition and actually go to some shows and stuff during the festival.

[This post includes pictures from Mardi Gras, Jazz on A Summers Day, and the Festival Cavalced]

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