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jUploadr prompts a rethink

Posted by briandh on September 10, 2006

Oh yes! I know I'm cute.

Now that Zooom has a bulk uploader, in the shape of jUploader, I need to rethink how I upload my images. With a bulk uploader the temptation is to upload far more photos – but it is not that much quicker.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, it is a lot more convenient and it does save a fair bit of my time in the actual selection and upload process. However, the physical upload process takes exactly the same amount of time – you just don’t need to nursemaid it so much.

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Zooomr Findings

Posted by briandh on August 8, 2006

I thought I would share how I’ve been getting along with Zooomr, it might help get my own thoughts in gear for making better use of it.

My efforts can be seen here: Brian’s Zooomr Account and are best viewed using the “Smartset” feature of Zooomr (more on that later).

Overcoming my shyness

The first hurdle I had to get over was my own private nature. Read the rest of this entry »

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